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Message of Chairman & Principal

3 years ago the GAM Chartered University College was established by a Governing Body(based rules and regulations) and National University Act of Parliament as an affiliating University of the country to impart graduate and post-graduate level education to the students through its affiliated colleges and professional institutions throughout the country. For that matter the College has been playing the most significant role in providing opportunities for higher and professional education among the students coming from rural and semi-rural background at an affordable means since its inception.

We would like to thanks to all of you for choosing GAM Chartered University College. For building your career as an Academic qualifications and a Professional accountant. GAM CUC is a contemporary institution with the hopes of creating productive and an efficient work force in the country that are well-informed in the area of Professional Chartered Accountancy with an exceptional IT facilities class rooms. GAM Chartered University College are the destination of choice for Academic qualifications like HSC, BBA, MBA, and Professional qualification ACCA, CIMA study with some of the country's leading Public / Private Universities tutors, the award- winning "InterActive" platform, flexible programs and life-changing dual programs opportunities. We are offering some core benefits for students like highly qualified and industries experience teachers, pass guaranty scheme, career counseling and overseas admission in different subjects in UK. In this era of globalization we cannot afford to produce average graduates but those of higher quality who can only compete globally. In this endeavor and the fulfillment of our vision, We seek co-operation from all quarters.